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 Instagram has become the newest and hottest way to advertise on the Internet and the reasons to advertise are numerous. Since Instagram’s platform was launched in 2010 and bought by Facebook in 2012, it has become THE niche photo-sharing mobile site and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.   The main reason you see more brands advertising on Instagram is the effectiveness of this marketing vehicle. Since people recall 80% of whatever they see, the content on Instagram does very well when you are marketing to them. (Ad Espresso, 2018) Users on Instagram are ready to connect with brands and are interested in their ads. These users are more apt to connect with content that’s branded on the Instagram platform 58x more than Facebook and will probably engage on Instagram versus Twitter 120X more. This makes ads appearing on Instagram the ideal answer to allowing your ad seen. (Ad Espresso, 2018) Advertising costs and the process of setup that’s parallel with Facebook advertising makes ads on Instagram an almost effortless way to reach an expansive audience. Instagram now has 1 billion monthly active users as of June 2018. This is up from 800 million in September 2017. Overall, the sales dollars spent in the U.S. using social media increased from 10.81 billion in 2015 to 19.3 billion in 2018, almost doubling the sales dollars in three years. (Statisa, 2018) One of the best things about Instagram advertising is that it continuously evolves. That means it remains fresh for established users, as well as becomes the go-to place for newcomers. The question that everyone asks someone who is advertising and trying to build a following is “Are you on Instagram?” Instagram has monthly updates, and these are consistently updated to give the user the best experience online and creates a more efficient way to advertise.

There are three reasons that Instagram is growing at such a quick rate, these are:

  • Marketers connect better with their audiences because Instagram adds new features.
  • It has developed into a platform that is loved by its users.
  • New users are joining Instagram all the time.  

Currently, as of February 2018, there are 8 million Instagram Business profiles. This is an increase from 1.6 million in September 2016.  

Targeting the Instagram audience is the best online

The ads on Instagram can be managed through the Facebook Ads Manager, similar to the ads on Facebook. There are four audience types that can be targeted on Facebook:  

  • Saved Audiences – interest-based targeting. This is the audience that you should

Start with if you’re new to Instagram advertising and new to doing any type of advertising. You can define this audience by selecting the interests, age, gender, age, income, location, etc.

  • Lookalike Audiences – individuals
  • who are like your other audiences that already are in your database. Creating this audience to focus your ads on Instagram, create the Custom Audience with the information of what kind of Facebook user types you are interested in reaching  

On the creation menu, choose the Lookalike Audience and pick a country to target and the percentage of the Facebook users in that country. The percentage that you choose between 1% to 10% identifies persons who are similar to the Custom Audience that you selected.

  • Custom Audiences – retargeting customers and audiences. Upload the existing files you have of your customers, i.e. email accounts, app IDs, or telephone numbers. This audience can be targetted by a newsletter, app users, etc.  
  • Lookalike Audiences – Value-Based – this audience is the newest audience added to Facebook as of June 2017. The purpose of this audience is intended to help reach the audience who look like the high-value users

When you ad the data points from the Customer Audience, Facebook gains insight to the lifetime value of every customer and finds other people who could be more than likely to show interest in offers you have online.  These types of audiences give you options for generating the target audience that would be perfect for your Instagram campaigns. To make sure that you’ve covered all the audience bases, check out all the Instagram Audience targeting options.  

Getting your advertising started is easy with Instagram

It is relatively easy to begin advertising. After spending a day learning about advertising on Instagram, you’ll have enough knowledge to create your initial Instagram campaign. Getting started is not just easy, but it is not that costly to do. You can derive results on Instagram by bidding $10.00. The amount of time to set up of your Instagram for Business account and publish your first campaign takes approximately an hour, much easier than creating other pay-per-click ad campaigns, like Google AdWords. When you want to track and analyze your Instagram campaigns, Facebook’s Ad Manager’s layout makes it simple and easy and you have the ability to make edits when necessary.

Instagram is loved by advertisers and people

The app is 51% of its users accessing the platform every day, and 35% looking at the platform more than once a day according to Instagram statistics it shows that will astound how impactful advertising on Instagram can be:

  • Instagram has 1 billion (and growing) users, up from mid-2018 figures of 800 million.
  • Of the 1 billion users, over 600 million are active on the site daily.
  • Estimates for the continued user growth on Instagram is expected to climb to 26.9 million in 2020.
  • Instagram users share 95 million videos and photos every day, and over 40 billion videos and photos have been shared since Instagram initiated its platform since 2010. (Ad Espresso, 2018)
  • There are over 16 million searches for Instagram in Google monthly.
  • 4.2 billion times a day the “Like” button is hit on Instagram.
  • Instagram is used by 55.4% of Influencers for Stories for Sponsored campaigns.  
  • Internet users that are the 18-29 demographic are 59% of Instagram users. Users aged of 30-49 make up 33% of users on Instagram.  
  • The demographic breakdown by gender shows that female internet users make up 38% of Instagram users, while male internet users are 26% of Instagram users.  
  • Teens at a rate of 32% think that Instagram is the most significant social media network.  

Business and Financial Statistics for Instagram  

  • Currently, Instagram has over 25 million business profiles worldwide, an increase from 15 million in July 2017.
  • There are 8 million Business profiles and more than 1 million month advertisers on Instagram. Major sponsored ads like Yoox, Italy’s major retailer online, the New York Times, Hub Spot, and Nike are now advertising on Instagram.  
  • Businesses on Instagram are followed by 80% of users.
  • The conversion rate of user-generated content is 4.5% higher.

Content Data on Instagram

  • The stories feature is viewed daily by 300 million users.  
  • Wednesdays are the top day to advertise on Instagram for the most users who engage at 5 pm on that day.  
  • The food most Instagrammed is pizza, followed by sushi and steak.  
  • The rate that users engage on Instagram is more than other social media sites, particularly when it comes to purchasing. If your product or site is visually attractive your sales will increase, very beneficial for the ROI.  

Stories Ads, the newest addition to the Instagram platform. Once they’re posted, the content will expire in 24 hours. Although the lifespan is short, stories engage users who visit your site are curious about your site and will return to find out more. Simultaneously, it allows you to share info in a realistic way. In the long-term, it can turn into an addiction to the audience.

The best way to target audiences on Instagram

If you haven’t attempted marketing on Facebook and you are just getting acquainted with Instagram, start by targeting demographics and interests of people on Facebook. You will learn about the audience you want to target by using Facebook Audience Insights. It automatically enhances algorithms that work a special process to give you the information requested. Once you use this tool, the target audience on Instagram will become more defined and you will be able to find out more about this group’s interests. Additionally, anyone who has already visited and clicked on any of the Instagram ads you have online can be retargeted.

Retargeting Your Audiences

The rate of investment (ROI) varies from one audience to the next on Facebook. Revenue for recurring purchasers is higher by 497% when it is compared to regular shoppers.

There are three ways on Instagram to begin retargeting:

Visitors to a landing page – retarget those people revisiting your website by proposing a discount incentive so they’ll visit again People who have made past purchases – target people who have visited your site and purchased from the site in the past People who read your blog – you can lead additional people to your blog by sharing the latest posts Promote your site to Instagram and Facebook users – People who have visited your site and like your brand is one of the best ways to engage with your Instagram audiences. If they are following you on Instagram, they will probably like all your promotions and posts on Instagram.   You can choose to target the Facebook Page to set up the Saved Audience you can include the friends of your established fan base, as well as fans. This feature can be used to effect new extremely involved audiences.   Eliminate your Custom Audiences. Showing the same Instagram advertisements to those in the Custom Audience who have already been convinced to visit your site and purchase products, read blogs, etc. is not sensible. Eliminate these past visitors from an audience for a campaign they’ve already seen and transferred them to a different campaign with a different offer. You haven’t lost these users from your audience, just redirect and retarget them with a different offer.   Align audiences with offers. A specific ad offer on Instagram that relates to a minute audience created for Instagram should be targeted to that audience as significantly as possible. If it isn’t, the ads that people see may have them questioning why they are seeing the ad. The ads should completely align themselves to your target audience and be relevant to people who see the ad. If they are hitting the target audience and they engage with the ad, you will get a

higher position on the Facebook Relevance Scores which will reduce the cost of the ad.   Although there is a myriad of marketers who’ve jumped on the Instagram bandwagon, it’s never too late to become one of them. The audience is huge and growing and they’re on Instagram to learn about all the interesting influencers and brands that are continuing to set up shop on the platform. So, get going and onboard. Join Instagram and start to win the social media war.


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