3 Important Tips to Scale Up Your Affiliate Business!

Okay, let’s be optimistic. Let’s assume that you got your affiliate marketing business off the ground and you’re making some money. Maybe it’s $5000 dollars a month.

How do you scale your business up from here? There are several different passes that you can take including creating your own products.

That by far is the most lucrative of the choices. You can also move into different areas and you can even leverage your knowledge that you’ve gained from building a successful affiliate business.

After all, you’re reading this book, aren’t you? So I’m doing the same thing I’m telling you that you might want to try. So let’s explore some of the different ways that you can expand your business and scale it up to unimaginable heights.

Start Free, Then Go Paid

The first way to skill up your business is to use only free methods, in the beginning, to build up a lot of traffic to your website. This process is going to take several months so let’s say that after 3 to 6 months you’ve got enough traffic that you’re making three or $4000 a month.

At this point, you can start using paid advertising to scale up the traffic and go international. So you want to start running large advertising campaigns depending on what your product is at least in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and of course the United States.

So if you’re already running pay campaigns, then the simplest way that you can expand it Is to simply spend more money on your advertising and get more traffic. Whether or not you’re really able to do this Will depend on the size of your market.

Create Your Own Product

One of the opportunities in affiliate marketing is how to do things right when promoting products. And so you’re going to want to learn how to do email marketing properly, learn how to write copy, learn how to set up landing pages properly, and all the other things that we were talking about.

So you can spend six months or year doing this with somebody else’s product. At that point assuming that you fold my advice and picked and niche that you’re extremely passionate about instead of starting over by doing other products in different areas, what you should do is take the time to create your own product.

Make this product better and in the same area as the original product that you used to build your business. One of the goals that you should have is to create something that you can charge more money for. If you’ve been selling a PDF book for $47, make a video course on the same topic, and charge $147 for it. Since it’s going to be on the same topic all you have to do is change your links.

You keep the entire infrastructure that you’ve built over the course of the year including your blogs, your Instagram account, and Facebook pages, and so on. But you redirect them to your own sales page instead of acting as an affiliate. The simple fact that you’re going from promoting someone else’s product to promoting your own is going to make a massive difference.

That alone will increase your income by quite a lot. And if you follow my advice and make an even better product, then you’re going to have the opportunity to increase your income several times over.

Becoming an Affiliate for Multiple Products

You may not feel you’re the creative type where you may not be able to amass enough resources to have someone create a product for you. If that’s the case, you can start becoming an affiliate across multiple affiliate networks and promoting multiple affiliate products. This is another way that you can easily expand your business.

Well, I should’ve said that, because it’s not going to be very easy. For each product that you pick up your going to have to set up the entire infrastructure for the new products that you set up for the first one. It will be easier the second time around, but when you really want to use.

The reason is that when you start putting attention on the new product you’re going to be not putting as much effort and attention on the first one, answer your sales may peter out. We all have a fantasy of passive income but the reality is, to make money, things need to be given some attention.

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