How to find your exact Niche!

Finding the right niche can be a bit of a challenge. You want to find something that has a lot of passion behind it. But if there are only 10 people that are passionate about your product, it’s going to be really hard to get a sale. So the audience has to be large enough in order to capitalize on it.

The second thing is you want to find a product where there is less competition. Again this is a balancing act. If you choose something like lipstick, there’s certainly a huge demand for the product. But the problem with that is that there are 1 million different companies selling the product and so it’s going to be hard to stick out.

But I’ll give you one tip you can use right now. In the first chapter, I mentioned Christie Brinkley. A lot of people are already going to be searching for Christie Brinkley and looking for her products. Therefore one way you can get around the issue of a huge niche like skincare products or makeup is that you sell a branded version of the people are already looking for.

So instead of trying to sell lipstick, what you do is you sell Christie Brinkley lipstick. This combines the best of both worlds. What you’ve done here is your taking advantage of the very popular evergreen niche but you’ve narrow the focus so that it’s actually a small niche and so there’ll be a lot less competition.

There’re several tools that you can use in order to find a good niche. The first tool that is every online marketer’s friend is the Google keyword planner. You can use this to estimate search volume for different keywords.

Let’s do this for two keywords. In this example, I put in to search terms in Google planner. The first search term is skincare, and the second search term is Christie Brinkley skincare.

So here we can see the difference between the two keywords. The first thing to note is that skin care has 10 times the search volume. However, that in itself is not something worth paying attention to.

You need to have context for that and the first thing you should know is that it’s going to be very expensive and difficult to drive traffic to a generic keyword like that. So Christie Brinkley skincare still has 1002 up to 10,000 searches per month on Google.

I’m not saying that you would use that exact keyword in your marketing plan. But what I’m trying to do is show you how narrowing the focus of your keyword can drive down the competition. Where you see that is on the right-hand side.

Here is estimated the top of page bid that would be necessary if you were running Google ad words to have your ad show the top of the page. For skin care, you would have to bid $6.80 per click.  In contrast, Christie Brinkley skincare would only require a bid of $1.64 to show up at the top of the page.

The pricing of the bids is an indication of the competition level. So you can use Google keyword planner as a tool that will help you determine the level of search volume and also the level of competition that there is.

Another tool which is useful for the online marketer is called a similar web. You can sign up for the service at this website:

Even better, they have free plug-ins for web browsers. So you can simply go to the Google Chrome app store for example and install it from there. It’s all free of charge.

So we can use this tool to determine if an affiliate program is worth doing. Here I pulled up the results for the Christie Brinkley skincare website.

The nice thing about a similar web is that it shows the six-month trend in traffic. I have to admit I don’t know this market, so I don’t know if this dip is important or not but the traffic to this website actually isn’t very impressive.

So we see that in April, there were only 6900 visitors to the website. Now it’s hard to say whether that would be fatal or not, without more investigation.

But for me, that’s a bad indicator. It’s a really low level of traffic so maybe the skincare products haven’t caught on. But that would require more investigation. Even though the traffic is small if the skincare products are converting it might be worth your while to be driving traffic to the site.

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