How to sell on Amazon?

Something a lot of people like to do is promote products are for sale on Amazon. First, you need to be registered as an Amazon affiliate. You can do that at this link:

There are several ways you can approach being an affiliate on Amazon. One of the best ways is to make YouTube videos. I would suggest that if you’re going to do that, a completely authentic review is going to drive a lot more sales as compared to something that is canned.

With that in mind, I think it’s worth the investment to actually buy the products that you promote. So you can actually get the product and demonstrated it on camera. That is going to carry a lot of weight with viewers. Another thing to do is to connect your reviews on YouTube with a blog.

That way you can be driving traffic from two sources. So if you decide to sell on Amazon as an affiliate you should probably set up a blog related to the topic at hand. So earlier we talked about drones so if you’re going to do this with drones you should start out by setting up a blog that talks about drones.

You can see that being an affiliate marketer also requires that you have a passion for the niche. Otherwise, you’re going to find that writing blog posts about drones and making videos about them is going to be tedious. But if it’s something that excites you, it will come naturally and you can be assured of more success.

So on your blog don’t just review products, you would also just post general stuff about drones. But as far as Amazon goes you could write a review about the drone, and simultaneously make a video review about the drone. Then you could embed your YouTube video in the article you wrote on your blog about the drone.

In both the article and on the YouTube video you would include your affiliate link so the people who were watching or reading are Be able to go to Amazon and purchase the drone. This can be used for any kind of product but you don’t want to choose products that are too inexpensive because it’s going to be hard to drive enough traffic to make money.

So the first thing to do obviously is to find a product on Amazon that is worth selling. Again balance is key. So what you want to do is find a product that isn’t too expensive, but that isn’t cheap.

You also want to find a product that’s a good seller. A key thing to look for is reviews you’re certainly going to want a four or five-star products. Another good choice is to look for editorial pics that Amazon has made. So if we search for drones on Amazon here’s the screen that I see:

There are many good options here. You can see that the product on the far right has more than 5000 reviews. Also, that one is ranked as Amazon’s choice.

However, there could be a couple of downsides with that. Since it’s Amazon’s choice and obviously a hot seller, there might be a lot of competition from other affiliates.

Also, the price is only $35.99, which isn’t necessarily bad in itself but you can see that is low relative to some of the other ones. As with everything there is a balance, if something is too expensive you can be sending a lot of traffic and I might be hard to make any money you invest back. But I like to go for free traffic.

That takes longer to get going, but then you’re less worried about conversion rates. If you have free traffic going to a site on Amazon that sells drones, and you get a solid commission you’re rocking to be really worried about the conversion rate.

Of course one of the beauties of this is that you can actually sell multiple drones from the same website and there’s no limit to how many videos you can put up on YouTube. But do keep in mind that I still think the best approach is to actually buy the product and doing an authentic review.

So when your first getting started, that $35.99 option, is probably a good one to go with. That way you’re not investing too much money.

When you find a product that you’re interested in selling one of the things you’re going to do is check the Amazon sales rank. A good rule of thumb is to pick up a product that is ranked in the top 50 of its niche.

If you click on one of the drones you’re going to find that it’s going to be ranked in some subcategory on the Amazon website. So what you’re looking for is that it’s ranked in the top 50 for whatever the subcategory is. The reason you want that is you want to pick a product that shows up on the first page.

You should also check on the Google Chrome app store for Amazon plug-ins. You can probably fine be fulfilled by Amazon plug-ins and even though we are not actually selling the product ourselves they can be useful. These can give you estimates of monthly sales and sales rank over time. Both of these can be very useful information.

So those are the two things you want to look for, first make sure that the product has at least a four-star review, and then that it’s ranked in the top 50 for its category.

Something else to pay attention to is whether or not the product is listed under Amazon prime. There’re still a lot of products that are not listed as Amazon prime, and that can affect sales. Amazon prime gives the product a huge advantage because the person can get it with free shipping very quickly.

A second thing to consider is that just like with the makeup example we checked out in the beginning, you want to look for sub-niches. The more you can narrow down a product that is a popular niche, the easier it’s going to be to sell it. So drones with cameras are going to be easier than the general category of drones.

The reason is simple. If you narrow down something a little bit it’s going to be a little bit easier to get traffic going to your YouTube videos or to your blog.

Before I go to the next topic, I want to give you an idea of some good ways you can promote Amazon products. Obviously, the first way is to get the product and review it.

If you don’t have a lot of money you could go for the $35 drone, but if I was personally going to be marketing in this niche, I would probably look for a drone with the camera that cost more money and I would be willing to invest a couple of hundred dollars up front to buy and use the drone so that I could make several genuine reviews and post them on social media sites.

By the way that reminds me you should also create an Instagram account. Don’t make it a personal account, make it a business account. Actually Instagram allows you to create niche accounts, so in this case, I would create a drone niche accounts.

Then you could post pictures taken with the drone or video or a video story that it pointed people to review, and then you could link your niche Instagram account to the Amazon page for the products. Or, you could link it to your review on your blog.

Okay so getting back to the main suggestion, is that you could create multiple postings on the best drones to purchase on Amazon. So, for example, one of your blog posts could be the seven best drones with cameras. Another post could be the 10 best bargains for drones on a budget.

You can also make YouTube videos based on the same type of review, and in this case, it would be acceptable to review the drones just by listing their features and pricing and so forth without necessarily owning one. But you should do both approaches.

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