What is Affiliate Marketing?

Imagine being able to start an online business in a matter of days that can make up to six or seven figures a year without having your own product. Sounds crazy right?

Except that if you know what you’re doing it’s very easy to do. So let’s get started and explain what affiliate marketing actually is so that you have a clear idea of what this is about.

With affiliate marketing, you sell somebody else’s product online. You can be a physical product that could be on sale at Amazon.com for example or it could be a digital product such as a training course or some kind of book. In fact, Believe it or not, selling digital products is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online.

Being an affiliate marketer works because somebody else has already developed a product that has market demand and they’ve already worked all the kinks out of it before you even come along.

So it’s kind of like being hired to do sales at an existing company that’s already profitable. One of the tricks online is to find products that are already selling. The second trick is finding customers

. That can be one of the most difficult steps but the good news is that online it’s actually a lot easier than people think. Never before in history has it been so easy to target people who are already ready to buy a product. The third thing is knowing how to actually sell people on products and this is one area or a lot of people get tricked up. In this book, we’re going to show you exactly how to do all of these steps.

What are the advantages of affiliate marketing?


The first advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to take time, money, and energy to develop your own product. A lot of research has to go into developing a product that actually sells online. First, let’s think about a physical product maybe you’re going to sell a guitar or some kind of health supplements.

First, you’d have to do a lot of research in order to find out if the product had a market in the first place. These days it’s possible to get by without developing your own product from scratch.

Here’s why. In China, and other countries in Asia there is a vast and well-established manufacturing base and supply chain that manufactures and ships virtually anything. So if you wanted to start a business that sold drones, or that sold cameras, or even cell phones, you could do it. But you would have to lay out the huge amount of money.

But the easiest way to do this if you find a company in China say, that is already making a product that you want to sell. You can either sell the product as is, possibly with your own branding, or you could work with them to develop a customized version. This process, of course, will take time and money.

You would also have to deal with issues such as trade, and tariffs along with shipping. It turns out that shipping is actually the easiest part but it takes a while because they actually send it by ship all the way from China. Although it seems like the world has gotten smaller because of the Internet and smartphones the truth is it’s still the same size and when people are shipping your products from overseas it’s going to take some time.

So starting your own business with your own products is going to be far easier utilizing manufacturing in China, or India, but you’re going to pay the price in other ways.

But let’s say that you want to start your own business and you go ahead with this process. First of all, how do you find such a product? The go-to site these days is Alibaba. Here is the link: https://www.alibaba.com/

Basically, Alibaba is the Amazon.com of wholesale. You can find virtually any type of product for any pricing point. For example here is a drone that I found in a couple of minutes. https://bit.ly/2HYuZtD

Now you’re not going to just pick something and start selling it in most cases. The first thing you’re going to want to do is order prototypes. So that’s going to cost you some money, and then you’re going to have to wait a few weeks free to be shipped back to your house where you live.

If it’s not quite to your liking you’re going have to work with the manufacturer to make changes and possibly shipped another prototype. Eventually, let’s say you get what you want and then you get them to manufacture them branded for you. What’s the next step?

You can either say set up a custom website or maybe use Shopify,  but a lot of people take advantage of Amazon for drop shipping. And of course, Amazon is extremely competitive. So this is the basis of a real business and of course, if you do it right it could make you a significant amount of money.

So that takes up a lot of time, money, and work. So you could say well that’s just too much for me and the profit margins aren’t as high as I would like. Profit margins for digitally based products are much higher because you cut out a lot of the process that we just described.

Of course, it’s an entirely new ballgame. So what would sell online? Typically people sell courses that solve specific problems for other people.

So as an example people sell a product that teaches a particular diet. These days the ketogenic diet is a very hot topic and so people are selling books and online courses that teach other people how to follow the ketogenic diet. Or there’re courses that teach people how to do woodworking.

The variety of options is virtually endless. But there’s a lot of work that goes into setting up a product like this as well. The first thing is that you have to have your own unique product. To develop a quality product depending on the complexity and your level of knowledge on the subject that could take several months.

Or it would cost money because you always have the option of hiring other people to develop the product for you. For example, knowing that woodworking is a hot market you could find someone that knows how to do it if you didn’t know how and then work with them to videotape a course. But you’d have probably had to pay them upfront or give them a share of the profits. And this would take a lot of time.

Then after that, you would have to create your own website,  and everything would have to be perfect in order to get that selling.

This is a business model that definitely works. However, there is a lot of upfront work, time that has to be spent, and money that has to be spent. And after all that you might find that your product doesn’t even sell and then you’re out a lot of time and money.

So you can see from all this that it’s much easier to find products that other people have made, and that are already hot sellers. You can do this for a wide variety of products. It could be anything from makeup to a digital book on skin care. Believe it or not, being an affiliate is very lucrative. Let’s take a look at a couple of offers.

First, let’s look at some makeup products. So I went to Google and I typed in Christie Brinkley. If you don’t know who she is, she was a successful actress in the 80s or 90s. I haven’t kept up with her so I’m not sure if she’s still acting. But something I do know is that she has a business selling make up products online.

And even better she has an affiliate program. So you can sell her makeup products and make sales commissions, all you have to do is drive traffic to her online store. The technology that people have developed for the Internet makes it easy for affiliate programs to work and so people can track where traffic is coming from and give you credit for the sales.

The first question as an affiliate is where do you find offers like this? One place is a website called offer vault. And you can find the Christie Brinkley offer there.  From a quick search, we find there are two offers one is $31 commission and the others $38 commission. You can find these here: https://www.offervault.com/brinkley-affiliate-programs/

Searching on Google other offers came up as well. One thing that you can guess is that skin care products for women are perennial sellers. Some people would call them Evergreen because they are always going to make money and they are going away ever no matter what trends or fats come and go. So here’s another offer at a website called the skin’s store. https://www.skinstore.com/info/affiliates.list

So you can see there is a huge advantage of taking this approach. You could go to Ali Baba and find similar products to sell on your own website. Maybe that would work, maybe it wouldn’t. If you did that you wouldn’t be able to utilize the branding power that Christie Brinkley already has.

That in itself is worth $1 million. But it may be possible that you would build up your own successful business doing at that way, but you can see that here if you sell the same products as an affiliate you have saved several steps along the way. In future chapters, we’ll explain some of the different ways that you could go about selling products like these.

Let’s take a look at some Digital Products. If you haven’t heard about it the go-to site for Digital Products is clickbank.com. This website has been around almost as long as the Internet itself

. It’s well-known and is used by thousands of people to sell products in virtually every niche known to humankind. Not only that, but they pay huge commissions. Product prices range from a few dollars all the way up to thousands of dollars. Many vendors on the sites are willing to pay affiliates up to 75% commissions.

So it’s possible to make $1 million selling digital products that you find on click bank, and all the work is done for you.

To see some of the products that they have for sale go to the website and browse the marketplace. You can find that here: https://accounts.clickbank.com/marketplace.htm

The first thing that stands out is that their products over a huge range of areas. For example, you can find courses on trading in the Forex markets. There are also courses that teach Spanish or Chinese, or courses that teach you how to start an online business.

Some of these might pay you $47 for sale others might pay you a hundred dollars per sale, and still, others might pay you $500 dollars sale. Some of them are sold as single time purchases, but many of them are actually sold with subscriptions so you can make recurring money off of each sale.

The good thing about click bank is that it’s pretty easy to sell products that are well established and already proving to sell. As we will see, the site gives you data that you can use to determine what’s what isn’t.

So let’s go ahead and review some of the advantages of affiliate marketing.

  • You don’t have to spend time and money developing your own product.
  • You can find a product that is already selling.
  • In some cases, you won’t even need to build your own website to sell products.
  • You can get up running fast, often in a matter of days. Selling your own product could take weeks or months to launch.
  • Profit margins are huge selling other people’s products since they have absorbed the costs of product development, inventory, and other direct costs.
  • You can quickly find and start selling products in any niche.
  • You have the option of selling physical products or digital products or both.
  • There are no limits, you can sell many products in multiple niches, although in the beginning, you’ll want to concentrate on getting successful with one or two before branching out.
  • You can often promote products and make money without spending any money yourself.

So hopefully this doesn’t sound too good to be true. The fact is this not, but the reality is it does take some work, and more importantly, it takes smart work.

You have to know exactly how to do it and most people don’t really know how to go about it. So they end up wasting their time doing things that don’t work. Part of the process that we’re going through in this book it is to get you to do the things that work the right way.

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