Ultimate Guide to Promote your Affiliate Marketing Business!!

You often hear that you don’t need a website and that’s strictly true, however, you’re going to have more success if you take the time to build a website. It turns out that it’s super easy to do that these days, and typically what’s done is that you can use word press to turn your domain into a blog. Using a blog makes everything pretty simple to use and set up.

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So before you start learning the free methods of traffic the first thing you need to get in mind is that going free is something that takes time. However, is far better to invest the time in building up a free sales funnel then it is to pay for traffic. The reality is that although there are some paid methods that still work, you can end up losing a lot of money. Paid traffic methods are just not as productive.

Ten years ago or more, it was possible to just set up paid per click advertising on Google and Yahoo, and just see the sales roll in. Unfortunately, that’s no longer a possibility. Furthermore, you end up spending a lot of money to acquire a user. So let me say this, patience is a virtue in this business. If you have the patience, you can build up a web presence using free methods that are going to be driving traffic to your sites while you sleep and generating revenue. Everything cost time or money, and this is no different.

So what you can do is you can invest time now so that you’re getting a bunch of money later with little effort. It’s never going to be no effort because you have to maintain your website to stay positive in the eyes of Google. But more or less it will be a passive income. And the thing about free traffic is that once you set everything up, your cost of acquiring a new user is virtually zero.

So you have a choice of taking some time to set everything up now and then waiting for sales to come in down the road, or you can spend hundreds of dollars on Facebook to get one or two sales.

Now I’m exaggerating a little bit, obviously paid traffic methods can work, but is not nearly as easy as people think. So let’s look at some of the elements that you are going to need to get your affiliate sales machine up and running. When you are just starting out you should only do this for one product. Now actually I’m lying.

Because remember that discussion we had about the ketogenic supplements. You should have a product on the backend that you can promote to people which is related to your main product. So what I really meant to say about this was that you’re set up that I’m going to describe here is going to be directed towards your main product. You can actually have several backend products to sell to your list as time goes on.

But as a beginner, you want to focus on one niche, with one main product that drives your sales an is the focus of your main promotional efforts. Then what you get that down you can start expanding your business.


Using a Funnel and email list

All online marketing begins with what’s called a sales funnel. A sales funnel is nothing more than a set of simple webpages that are used to collect emails and drive traffic to an affiliate offer. In order to set up a sales funnel you need a couple of ingredients. The first thing is you need an email list.

That isn’t the subject of this chapter (we cover that in a separate chapter), but you can go on websites such as AWeber, Mail Chimp, or Get Response. You can set up an account there and their prices are pretty cheap relatively speaking and then you tie your email list to your funnel pages.

This is an example of a landing page, or as some people call it, a squeeze page:

So the elements of a squeeze page basically include the headline, an image or a video, and I sign-up form that asked for the person’s email address. Notice that in the image above, we are giving away a free guide. Typically what’s done is you offer some free content in exchange for the person’s email address. Many times an affiliate offer will come with free guides or videos that you can use as giveaways.

These are known as sales magnets. So basically what happens is the vendor creates some free content that they’re willing to give away which gives people a taste of what they would be buying. One of the places that you’re going to need to put your affiliate links or your hop links, is inside of these guides.

If the affiliate offer doesn’t come with a guide there’re several options that can you can use to make your own. The easiest thing to do it is to go to a PLR website. PLR means private label rights. So people have created content on various niche topics, which can be in the form of videos but usually is a PDF guide, and rather than selling that as a product they sell it to other marketers to use for their free giveaways or even to sell as products. To find these, just jump on Google and look for PLR or private label rights.

When you purchase a guide like this you want to make sure that they give you the Microsoft word document version of it so that you can edit it yourself. You are not so much interested in changing the content as you are with branding it and putting your affiliate links inside the guide.

Some of these websites have extremely high-quality material. And if you’re forced to create your own guide or use one of these instead of one that is given away by the vendor, you want to make sure that you’re giving something of quality. So you want to evaluate the guide before you start giving away.

It should have a professional appearance so it looks like it was published. It should also be well written in clear English and it should be more than a couple of pages. That really isn’t an issue it’s not that hard to find high-quality work that’s even up to 50 pages or more. Basically, the goal is you want to give people some free information that will make them want to buy the product.

When you’re doing this, a key concept to think about is one problem that people will have in the niche. So just to use an example, at the time I’m writing this book, there is a new diet craze that is starting to become popular. It’s called the carnivore diet. The contents of this diet don’t really matter but it’s a diet based on eating nothing but meat. As you might imagine people that started this diet have a problem of constipation.

So if I was trying to create a free giveaway for a product related to the carnivore diet, I wouldn’t have a guide created that explain different ways to get rid of constipation when you’re trying out this diet. Then on your landing page, you would say something like “Discover the easy way to get rid of constipation during the first week of the carnivore diet.” As you can see from the example above, there are many marketing phrases which are very popular because they work. So one of the things it works is “Free Guide reveals”.

So we would put that text above the “Discover the easy” line. So I was just giving you a great example of how to set these up. As I said there are different options that you can offer to entice people to give their email address. A PDF guide or book that solves a specific problem is always a great thing to offer. Another option is to give a free video training course. You can either make it yourself or if you’re not able to do that, check on the PLR websites and you can often find short video courses for a variety of niches.

Besides PLR sites, or writing a guide yourself, you can always hire someone to create one for you. Probably the most economical way to do that is to use fiverr.com. Seeing go on there and find people that are able to write short books about various topics. Before you hire them to write yours ask them for a sample so that you can see the quality of their writing. Also, make sure that they provide you with the original source document so you can edit it and also so you can put in your affiliate links.

No matter which path you choose to be sure to test your affiliate links in the document before you put it somewhere online where people can download it. Another giveaway this is very popular and works very well especially with high ticket items, is to get people to sign up for a free webinar.

So webinar in case you’re not familiar with it is basically a one hour or so presentation usually in PowerPoint form that gives away some educational information about the product. Usually what people do is they give basically what I would call teasers. So in their presentation, they give the prospects a little bit of valuable information that is going to entice a lot of the prospects two decide to go ahead and buy the product.

So that is an option to consider if the vendor has high ticket items such as something costing $500 to $1000 or more and if they have a webinar. Since the webinar is free it’s pretty easy to get people to attend. Another thing about a webinar is that since it lasts an hour or so it’s a pretty serious sales presentation and so even though it might be a high ticket item these can result in a large number of sales.

No matter what type of product you’re pushing, you don’t want to mention the price on the landing page. All you mention is that they can sign up for your email newsletter and then they get the free guide, video course, or webinar, in exchange for signing up. From there, you’re going to take the prospect to another page.

On this page, you can provide them with a link to get their free gift. You can also show them a video or some other content that might entice them to buy the product. Some people even use their hop link as the page to go to after they sign-up for the email list. We are talking about paid promotion yet but keep in mind that many of the big companies such as Facebook and Google have gotten very skeptical of affiliate marketing products. So you want to try and disguise it a little bit from the services if you’re going to advertise on them.

That’s one of the reasons is important to have a landing page. While you can definitely consider sending your traffic to the sales page after they’ve signed up for the email list, that may work but it’s usually not the best approach. Over the years people have gotten sensitized two affiliate marketing offers. As a result, it takes a bit of pre-selling in order to get people to buy something. That’s why it’s essential to have an email list among other reasons. So while you can do it I don’t take people directly to the sales page after the sign-up.

I will simply have some more content like maybe a short video and a download link or they can get their free book. Then as soon as they’ve signed up, the first email sales pitch goes to their inbox. So with the funnel, you can set up various pages. So for example, if I was using a backend product to try and increase my revenue, I might make a second sign-up page to get people to go to that one and check out the other product. That’s not really necessary all the time however especially if the products are closely related.

And you won’t even necessarily need a second page for the different products. The reason is that once you have someone signing up on your email list you can sometimes hard sell them on products that you recommended. We will talk about that more in the chapter on the email list but that’s just something to keep in mind. So the first question people think about is well yes that’s the simple webpage but I have no idea how to set up webpages and it looks really complicated. The good news is that these days setting up webpages is very easy. There are multiple slicers you can use, but by far the best one is called click funnels.

The reason is the best site is that it was created by a click bank rock star. So the people that created click funnels knew the business inside and out. So this tool has exactly everything you need to do your online marketing to promote affiliate offers. And my contention is by far the best tool out there. Not only does it have everything that you need, but it’s also extremely easy-to-use. It has drag-and-drop editors and you don’t have to know a thing about the technology that goes behind a webpage.

It’s pretty much like using something like PowerPoint. So you got the drag-and-drop capability to create professional looking webpages. They also have tons of templates that are proven to convert that you can use as a starting point in your designs. You can also register domains inside the site but I would recommend that and the reason is I’m going to have you created a domain that you can use to create your blog.

But it turns out that you can integrate click funnels with word press, and so you can create landing pages on click funnels, and then import them onto your blog. To create an account, go here: clickfunnels.com Although we’re focusing a lot on the click bank products click funnels and a landing page are both something that’s useful no matter what type of affiliate marketing you’re doing.

So going back to write example Amazon, if you were trying to promote drones that were for sale on Amazon you can set up an email list giving people tips or recommendations about using drones. So you could write a free guide on drones and then use the same process except that your affiliate link with direct them to the Amazon product rather than a click bank site.

So below you can find a screenshot of the thank you page (which is what they use as the jargon for the site that the visitor is taking too after they signed out for your email) that is used in conjunction with the first screenshot we showed where they signed up with her email. So the two elements I want to draw your attention to are the free videos that are included on the page, so I am giving them more free content in addition to the guide.

A truism in online marketing is the more quality content you give away the more your customers are going to trust you and the more willing they’re going to be to spend money. Trust is a huge issue when it comes to online marketing. Also, look on the page and you will notice that I have a link in the middle or actually it’s towards the top that they can use to download the free guide.


YouTube Videos

Setting up your funnel or your landing page to collect emails should be the very first step you take after you found a product to promote. That way you can use it everywhere else. So another way that you can promote products is by creating YouTube videos.

There are a few keys that I would say are important for making effective YouTube videos. Some of these are mechanical and others have to do with the sales pitch itself. So the first thing that I
would suggest is that you should make the videos yourself, and you should speak on camera. I can’t hammer this theme home enough, but trust is always the issue with online marketing.

Think about it in general people are skeptical about sales, an online you’re asking them to trust someone that they’ve never met before on the computer or on their smartphone. That’s a little bit much. So a good way to go very far in overcoming that resistance is to let them see that there is a real person behind it. Don’t worry if at first, you’re not that good at making videos.

You don’t need a fancy production studio and you really don’t need to be all that great at making videos either. So in at least part of the video, you should shoot a video of yourself talking it’s even good to do it with just your smartphone, and you can quickly introduce yourself and describe what you’re going to be talking about in the video. One of the things that I would say about YouTube is in regard to the content that the vendor provides. This is one case where you don’t actually want to use their contents.

Some vendors provide several videos on their site that they encourage people to use to market the product. But one problem you’re going to run into on YouTube is that other affiliate marketers are trying to offload the same videos. So if someone has a good video that you are interested in using I would suggest putting the video as unlisted, and only use it on your landing page or the thank you page that appears after someone signs up with their email address. Or you can even use it in your email marketing campaign, so, for example, you can send out an email and say “Hey check out this cool video I saw”.

However, I don’t advise that you use them directly on YouTube to try and promote free traffic. Something that doesn’t work is being the fifth person to put up some video. To learn how to make videos, the best thing to do is to go find videos are already posted and see how other people who are getting a lot of traffic are making them. Then just duplicate what they’re doing but using your own script, your own images and so forth.

What we’re really after his looking for style. So to get started here’s an example of a video I would not emulate. This video looks completely canned and it’s probably lifted from the vendor’s website. What’s even more irritating about this video and what is going to guarantee that it’s a failure is that it’s using a computer voice to read the script for the video. That is not how you should approach these videos.

Nobody who is going to buy something it is going to be convinced by a cheesy computerized voice and the obvious implication that the person who made the video didn’t want to be on camera. So once again we come to a situation where that trust issue is revealed as being important.

If you have this totally fake video with a fake voice it’s going to be hard for people that might have bought the product to have some trust in the person who is promoting it.

So the lessons that we want to take from watching that video are – don’t use a computer generated voice to read a video. You should read the script yourself, and it’s better if you’re on camera and that could be with you in a thumbnail in the corner.

The second point is it’s better if you give a personalize presentation rather than use canned the Video which this guy obviously did. At the time that I’m writing this, it only has 13 views. On YouTube, you’re basically looking for viral traffic and this is not the kind of video that someone is going to share with their friends.

Now of course SEO is another important issue that you need to take care of when it comes to putting up your YouTube reviews. So you’re going to want to look for a keyword that will help get your video ranked not only inside YouTube but also on Google.

We’re going to talk about as SEO in a separate chapter, but let’s highlighted a couple of key points here. The first thing is it’s very competitive so you don’t want to go to the main keyword. You want to use a long tail keyword and included both in the title and in the description of your video.

You’ll also want to include it as a tag for the video. So I’m also going to recommend that you get a plug-in for your web browser. It’s called Vid IQ. It’s going to give you some spying capability on other peoples videos. Basically what it’s going to allow you to do is to see what keywords they are using in their tags.

You should use as many of your tax as possible. And one suggestion is to find videos that have tons of views and should focus on videos that use a long tail keyword like the one you plan to use, and then see what keywords they are using. So I pulled that up for this guys video, and here’s what it shows.

The most important part for our purpose is to look at the tags at the bottom. So this guy has not done a very good job and that might be at least in part why is video isn’t getting views of the video itself is horrible. First off although you want to focus on a long tail keyword you don’t want to use that as your only keyword. You can see that he has custom keto diet in every single one of his tags. So that’s a big mistake.

You want to have variety and only use your long tail once in the tags, once the title, and once in the description of the video. So what did this guy should’ve done is included a lot of related keywords. In the tags, he should also include some of the big keywords for example just ketogenic diet by itself as a loan keyword. He also didn’t use very many of his tags. You should use all the ones that are available.

Something else to note is that he does not have channel tags. You should have channel tags as well as video tags. You’re also better off having a YouTube channel dedicated to one niche only. So looking at videos in detail can be instructive both ways.

It can show you the ways that people are not doing things right as well as the ways people are doing things right. The right way and of doing things is by looking at the description of this video as well. The first thing is this guy is using an old technique where people review a product and they say something like “is this a scam” or you can see the woman he used it says “truth exposed”.

He’s already using a cheesy video that’s not personable so I think using one of those canned phrases doesn’t help either. If you use one of those phrases in a video or on a blog post it’s basically a tip-off to the prospect that you’re an affiliate marketer. People may know that you’re an affiliate marketer in the back of their minds.

But you want them to see if the video or a review on your blog that comes across as genuine and personable. Using one of those canned phrases makes you seem like a used car salesman for an insurance salesman, and guess what those turn off most people.

Now he has done some things right at least at first glance. The good thing is that he put a lot of detail to explain what the product is and hopefully there’s a lot of keywords inside his description. However, I am saying first glance because given the way that the rest of the video is set up I have a suspicion that he’s copied and pasted this text. The next rule that you should take to heart is that you should also write your own text.

First of all, Google does not favor text which is copied and pasted. In fact, you’re going to get penalized for doing something like that. Google will reward original content. Second, this is another way to make yourself look canned and fake. People can tell if something is genuine or not.

If they don’t get the feeling that the text you wrote is genuine it’s going to hurt you rather than help you. So you can get on YouTube after you’ve chosen your niche and look for reviews of different products including the product that you selected. So you can look for videos to have a lot of views, and it doesn’t have to be a huge amount of views I would say 5000 or more.

Then check the reviews of the video itself and see that there’s more thumbs-up than thumbs down. Watch the video, to see how an expert makes a video that gets a lot of views and guests positive reaction from the audience, and then use vid IQ and check out what tags they are using.

So before we leave the section I’m going to post the link to a video that shows how to do things the right way. The person in this video is a little bit eccentric, but that’s not what’s important. The thing that is important in this video is that it comes across as genuine.

  So that is the right way to make a YouTube video when you review a product. Now if you’re reviewing something like a diet you might just be talking about it and show a few pictures. But if you’re reviewing a physical product I encourage you to actually show the product in the video and you should show yourself using it.


The next important elements in your effort to market affiliate products it Is to have a blog. Even though the Internet has tons of content on it already it remains the case that having a blog is a vital step in driving traffic. Over the course of a few months if you do it right you can use your blog to drive huge amounts of free traffic. To set up a blog the best thing to do is define a low-cost hosting site.

It really doesn’t matter what it is it could be Go Daddy, Blue host, host gator, or one that you prefer. But just get some domain name that you’re going to use for the blog. It’s probably going to cost you about $50 to set everything up. But over the long-term, it’s going to be worth it.

One blog needs to be focused on one topic and one topic only. So choose a domain name that says something about your niche. It can even be a long tail keyword. To set up your blog you’re going to want to use Word press. It’s very easy to use and it only takes a couple of minutes to install it on most hosting sites.

Companies like Go Daddy have posted thousands or tens of thousands of websites that are just blogs and so it’s very common and so most of them have made it automatic to go ahead and set up your blog. The second thing is you want your blog to look professional.

So you’re going to have to actually spring some money and buy a theme to use for your blogs. Get on Google and search for WordPress themes. Then find one that you like the looks professional. There are some free ones and if you happen to stumble on a really good free one more power to you. However, chances are you’re going to have to use a paid one to make your website look really good.

Although we’re trying to be personable we don’t want to look like complete amateurs. So it’s better to invest a small amount of money upfront so that your traffic isn’t turned off by something as simple as the appearance of the webpage. Now there could be some exceptions to this.

So, for example, you can simply set up a blog on blogger.com. You can also create a domain name on blogger.com and I believe you can even get your own domain name and so it won’t say blogger.com at all. That would get rid of the hosting issue although before you do this do You want to make sure that their terms of use allow you to post affiliate links.

Keep in mind the terms of use may not even say anything about affiliate links, so if they don’t I would take that as a green light. So blogger.com probably has its own themes that might look pretty good. So that could be a low-cost option to get your blog up and running. However, there are some tools that can make using WordPress the best option to use.

One of these is that as we mentioned above one of the things that you can do is that you can create a page using click funnels. And there is a click funnel plug-in for WordPress. So you can import the pages that you create on click funnels onto your own website that has a WordPress blog.

A second reason to use WordPress is that there is a free tool called Yoast. It comes with a paid upgrade that gives you a lot more tools to use but most people only need the free tools that it provides. One of the things that it does is that it will analyze the text of your posts for SEO purposes.

It also lets you set up a meta-description for each page so that you can see how it’s going to turn up when your page goes on the Google search engine. So those are the technical details. The purpose of the blog to just create a lot of good content. I recommend putting up one post per day.

And actually, at launch, I would recommend putting up about 10 to 20. So put up let’s just be bold and say that we’re going to put up 20–and then launch your blog, and after that post once per day. However, you want to make sure that your articles are substantial so one thing you don’t want to do is post for the sake of posting. Articles should range in length from 1000 to 2000 words.

You should have a keyword that you’re specifically targeting for each article. We have a chapter in this book on SEO and we will discuss the details there. Now one of the things that you should keep in mind is that you should tie all of your efforts together. So step one would be to make a video review of some product.

And post that on YouTube. Step two would be to embed that video in an article you write on your blog. You can also link to the blog in the description of your YouTube video. Further steps could be implemented you should try linking back to your blog from all the social media sites. This will help get traffic and help boost in the page rankings.

Facebook Page

The next leg of your affiliate marketing platform is to create a Facebook page for your niche. You can also use this if you generate Facebook advertising campaigns. But the main point right now is to have another place for you can post your YouTube videos and a link to your blog posts.

Doing this can help get shares and get more visitors to your blog. So setting up a Facebook page is a pretty simple thing to do and it’s free of charge. You can decide whether or not you want to create an identity for it or just a brand or use yourself for the Facebook page as well.

I always favor the personable approach and so would suggest simply using yourself with the Facebook page. You should be putting yourself in the YouTube videos anyway and so it would make sense to tie them together. So each time that you put up a blog post, use that as an excuse to put up a post on your Facebook page.

And like we said to be other users of the Facebook page will be to use for paid advertising. You can also use paid advertising not just to drive traffic directly to the product but you could use it simply to get likes for your Facebook page which will probably result in you getting readers on your blog.


Now we’re going to talk about some techniques that you can use to get backlinks to your blog. Getting backlinks is an important step in helping to get your posts ranked. So one way you can do this pretty easily is to use Quora. This is a question and answer site that has gotten super popular in recent years, I believe that now is far surpasses Yahoo answers.

So people are constantly asking questions on this site about every topic under the sun. So I guarantee that they are asking questions about your niche. So what technique that you can use as you can have a bunch of relevant articles that you can insert as links in your answers to peoples questions.

You have to be fairly careful about this. The moderators of the site are on the lookout for affiliate marketers all the time, so we don’t want to make it too obvious that that’s what we’re doing. And we also want to add value. Along with trusts, adding real value to people’s lives should be a part of your goal as an affiliate marketer. You should be just going around trying to take peoples money.

So maybe you didn’t create the product, but assuming that you picked a product that you’re interested in, you should be able to educate yourself in the subject matter enough that you could add value when people are looking for information about the niche.

So one thing you can do is regularly check questions that are being asked about your niche. When you see a question hopefully you are to have a post that is relevant, but if you don’t you can always write one. So create your post and put it live on your blog and head on over with your link back to your blog. Then answer the person’s question inserting the link somewhere in your answer.

So here are a couple of tips to keep you from getting banned for doing this. The first one is, don’t provide one or two line answers. Only answer questions where you can actually say something substantial. You don’t have to write a book but it should be a couple of paragraphs and look like you were genuinely trying to answer the question. And to be blunt, you should be genuinely trying to answer the question. The second thing is to make sure that your blog post is directly related to the question.

It will raise the attention of the moderators if you start posting links that are not related to the question. They’ll allow links that are related to the question but they will ban an account that repeatedly posts links that aren’t related. So assuming that you do this correctly I was sitting you should try to answer one question per day. That sounds time-consuming and it is, but over the long term it’s going to pay off big time.

Sometimes on the site, your answers are going to get tons of views, and you’re going to get direct traffic coming to your blog from Quora. But doing this has another purpose. In maybe 2019, but backlinks are still important in driving traffic to your website. And this is a great way to get a lot of backlinks.

If you’re able to backlink to a single article on your blog, multiple times, by using it as the link when answering multiple questions, that is good help your article move up in Google search. Over the course of a few months, you may find that it actually gets ranked on the first page. When you start getting traffic on the first page for your keywords that one, free traffic really pays off.

Posting on Forums

Next, we come to the topic of forums. Although the Internet has certainly expanded quite a bit of forum still play a very significant role when it comes to nice topics. Basically, in today’s world, a forum is a kind of community for people that are interested in certain specialized topics.

So sticking with our drone example I am sure that you can find many forums devoted to the topic of drones. So what you want to do on a forum is basically the same thing you would do on Quora.

First off you want to become a legitimate member of the forum. Don’t you show up and posts 20 links back to your blog in one day. So this is something that takes a lot of patience. But trust me it will pay off. So spend some time around the forum a regular basis and make sure that you’re posting and responding to people’s questions. When it’s relevant, you can leave a link back to your blog to a relevant article.

Again, content is king. You don’t want anything to smell like its affiliate marketing. So you have to be a little bit discrete on your blog don’t have a shout out that’s a hard sales pitch. So the same way that I use the example of the carnivore diet for a free giveaway on the landing page, we could do the exact same thing here or on Quora.

If you recall I suggested that one difficulty people have on the carnivore diet is getting constipated. So in this example instead of writing a free guide, I could write an article on my blog about how to overcome constipation when starting out with the carnivore diet.

After this what you do did you go looking on forums for people discussing this very issue. You can either pretend that you’re referencing some other blog or be honest and say here it’s my own blog, either way, you want to have a quality article about the topic in place.

And then you want to give it a substantial answer on the forum that doesn’t give away everything in your blog post but has enough information that it would entice people to click through and read the blog post. So you can write a little post on the form or do the same thing on Quora, linking back to the relevant article.


Another tool that you can use for affiliate marketing is creating a niche account on Instagram. These are also known as feature accounts. So we’re not going to get its all the details of Instagram, but this can work basically like another blog. If you’re familiar with Instagram it’s a mobile app that is used to post images and short videos which are called stories. It’s ready-made to use as a platform to get free traffic to your landing page.

The first thing you’re going to want to do when signing up an account is paid close attention to your profile. You should get a little logo professionally made that you can use to identify your self on Instagram. Keep in mind that this is a page created for your niche, and it’s a business page. So the logo is not to identify yourself personally, it’s going to be to promote the product directly.

In your profile on Instagram, you can include a link. So what you do is you use your landing page link for this purpose. That way people that go through and click on it are going to sign up for your email list. From there on out, everything works the same as it would for all our marketing efforts. The big challenge on Instagram is getting followers.

Everything else will come through this. You want to start off by posting relevant content. This is going to be pure marketing because you’re going to be taking photos with text on them. There are several apps available to let you put text overlaid on photos and they are designed specifically for use with Instagram.

So you should use one of those to make your photos. The plan here is to have a relevant image and then have a simple marketing message on top of the photo. Or the message could be something that’s relevant to the niche. So this is going be another thing that you’re going to have to do 2-3 times a day if you want to utilize this platform. That’s another indication that you should be passionate about your niche.

You’re also going to want to use stories, which are short videos lasting about 15 seconds. This might take some skill to master. It’s kind of hard to make a compelling message in such a short time. But doing so once you get the hang of it can be quite effective.

So in the beginning what you want to do did you want to build up a lot of posts and then start following people that are in your niche. As long as your content is halfway decent and relatively interesting a lot of the people are going to follow you back.

Then once you start building up a following say a few thousand people, at that point what you can do is start buying traffic. It’s surprisingly easy to buy traffic on Instagram and this isn’t done through official advertising. What you do is you approach people directly an offer to pay them to post one of your posts on their page.

So you can offer someone with a lot of followers $35 or something like that (the actual amount will vary depending on the number followers they have), to put up your posts for say 12 hours. Or you can pay someone for what’s called a shout out where they recommend to their followers that they follow your Instagram account.

This could cost anywhere from $25 up to several hundred dollars depending on how much traffic they could generate for you. Instagram is a great new way to promote affiliate marketing products.

And maybe one of the takeaways that you should have is that as a way to promote products that are strictly relying on mobile phones rather than the Internet and desktop computers. So it’s a complementary way to reach people compared to the other methods that we describe in this article.

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