Our Team

ALARYM is a web agency in marrakech that has been found by tree young men. Our team contains tree ambitious, serious, hard working and creative members. Together we make sure to deliver your ideas in the best of ways and even exceed your expectations !

web developer at Alarym - Abderrahman IKHRAZENE

Abderrahman IKHRAZENE

Co-Founder and Full stack Web developer

Hello ! I am Abderrahman IKHRAZENE, i am a co-founder and  a developer at ALARYM agency, i have been in the development field for more then three years, i have worked in many projects as a freelancer and now as a co-founder at the agency. My main title is creativity and unique design.
I really love and i found a huge patient  in what i am doing.

SEO expert at alarym - youssef el myr

Youssef EL MYR

Co-founder & SEO, marketing expert

Youssef El myr is my full birth name. SEO, Advertising and marketing are my best expertises, I believe that in the best advertise comes the best profits, Marketing is the best asset that makes any business overcomes it”s liabilities, It’s the main clue to a full delivery to all services and to any product, therefore i do my best to make sure that your goods are perfectly delivered and in the best of ways.

Co-founder and digital marketing expert at Alarym - Abdellatif ER-RAZZOUQI

Abdellatif ER-RAZZOUQI

Founder and Facebook advertising expert

Hi! im ER-RAZZOUQI Abdellatif I worked 4 years in Digital marketing and I am  also a web Developer, I decided with my friends to make this Web Agency in Marrakech and we called it Alarym!

I believe that it all starts with an idea and i am a tender of the out of box thinking, and that is what ALARYM srands for !